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Weather and Climate

Warm all year around

Being near to the equator, the islands are warm all year round. Officially summer and winter peak in December and June respectively. Short rains can occur in November but are characterised by short showers which do not last long.

The long rains normally occur in April and May although this is often referred to as the ‘Green Season’ and it typically does not rain every day during that time. The heat of summer is seasonally often cooled by windy conditions, resulting in sea breezes, particularly on the North and East coasts.

 The hottest period with constant sunThe green season with longer rainsThe coolest and driest seasonFor each month temperature and humidity increases
Day temp32°C23-26°C23-26°C28-32°C
Night temp30°C23°C20-23°C28-30°C
Water temp30-32°C28°C25°C28-30°C
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