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Us and Staff

This is us

Real people. Real experiences.

We live here. We know Zanzibar. The people, the hidden gems, the culture, the nature. We simply share our own off-the-beaten-track adventures.

Our guides are Zanzibaris ( well one is Tanzanian but he has lived here very long and also happen to be a Mountain Bike National Champion) that love to share their culture and nature with you.

Promoting local initiatives

Throughout the years we have come closer and closer to the community and have friends and partners all over the island. New friendships are made when mixing our visitors with the people of Zanzibar thus a greater understanding is achieved.

We prefer, promote and choose the local alternatives and food when possible. That means most of the money our guests spend on Zanzibar goes back to the people. It is not always perfect but always charming. And that way the unexpected can happen. Fun is it not?

Helen Ingvarsson

Founder/Managing Director

Helen created Bike Zanzibar 2015 and has since then welcomed over 500 guests cycling around Zanzibar. Together with Juma she trained the guides, found the spots and developed the tours together with guides, friends and partners around the island.

Her administration and communication skills along with long experience from Zanzibar is one of the reasons why Bike Zanzibar has excellent reviews.


Suleiman Yahya Juma

Cycling guide

We have stopped counting how many times Suleiman has brought guests all around Zanzibar. But we can say – it is many times. His warm hospitality and knowledge along with crazy stories are appreciated by any guests having the pleasure being guided by him. Being born on Pemba in a family with both clove- and pineapple farms is the reason for him always wearing a knife ready to peel some fruit. Test his knowledge about all the fruit you find along the way!

Suleiman is our main guide and usually does all our tours around Zanzibar as well as our 4 days tours. Sometimes you can see him loading the bicycles to the bus heading for the Spice tour on bike.


Juma Lukondya

Cycling guide

Juma is an ex National Mountain bike Champion that rise from poverty by a legendary tale of chance, guts and natural ability that will take your breath away. As a teenager he avidly watched far-away cycling races on a tiny box television. Each day he’d take his single-geared bike and pedalled the exact distance that he’d seen his idols cover. He could never imagine that one day he’d be competing around the world in professional races, from Europe to America to Australia. Intimately familiar with the Zanzibar’s roads on which he trains, Juma is the perfect man to help you discover the island on two wheels.

Juma usually does our tours all around Zanzibar and can also do training tours for athletes.



Cycling guide

Issa, as Suleiman, is from Pemba. Growing up he did lots of sports, especially football. After a few years on Unguja he got introduced to our team by Suleiman. Now we would have a really hard time living without his contagious smile and funny jokes. Issa is doing all our tours and is the main guide for the Spice tour on bike .



Cycling guide

Mustapha lives in Jambiani. He is a very active guy and you will surely enjoy his good humour. He joined our team in 2019 and is the main guide for the Jambiani Village tour and the Makunduchi tour.

Mustapha Guide

Haji Haji Vuai

Our everything

Haji was the one coming up with the idea of our much appreciated Makunduchi village tour as he has many friends and family there. Nowadays Haji does our transfers and keep an eye on our cars, our moped and all other bits and pieces that needs to work in our team.


Seif Akida

Captian Mimi the dhow

Captain Seif is the boss of our boat Mimi the dhow. Mimi will take you out for a run on the Indian Ocean if you do our 6 days best of Zanzibar or our 7 days all around Zanzibar. He is not only an amazing chef but also has total control of the maintenance which is all made the traditional and sustainable way.


Haji Abeid

Owner Abeids Spice Farm

Haji Abeid runs the Spice farm you will visit when taking the Spice tour on bike, the / days all around Zanzibar and all other tours that has the Spice tour in the program. He and his family took over the farm from his father who was a pioneer in making Spice Tours.

Haji Abeid Spice Tour -Bike-Zanzibar

Hassan Masoudi

Driver & Fixer

Hassan is our bicycles and luggage driver. Whatever we need help with he fixes it. Also it is his family you visit when doing the Makunduchi tour. He will probably dig up some fresh turmeric for you to try and it is his mother who show you the ropes in the making of coconut rope making.

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