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Jambiani to Stone Town North

Jambiani to Stone Town North

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Cycling holiday Zanzibar East to West

The green route to Stone Town
This 4 days cycling holiday Zanzibar take you from East to West via Pongwe and the Spice Farm area. The cycling tour includes some very nice green areas and the world famous and much appreciated Spice Tour.

If you rather go via South, check out our cycling holiday Jambiani to Stone Town South.


Jambiani/Michamvi/Pongwe/Spice Farm/Stone Town

Max distance per day

44 km

Min distance per day

12 km

Days on bike


Days off bike


For whom

For keen bikers who wants to explore much in short time


Crossing Chwaka bay with boat
Stay at the soulful Seasons Lodge
Spice tour at our favourite family farm

Best time



Shorts and t-shirt. Bring scarf to cover shoulder in the villages and town

Travel companion



English speaking guide

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    Tour Plan


    Day 1: Jambiani

    Roaming goats and happy children

    Transfer to Jambiani from the airport. Afternoon meeting with your guide for test of bicycles and brief.

    In the authentic village Jambiani you will meet a piece of Africa and a chunk of Zanzibar. Here people live a slow and content life. Goats and cows roam around. Cheerful kids ask for candy ( do not give as it makes them skip school and look for gifts) and the call for prayer is heard over the village five times per day.

    Overnight at Casa del Mar with perfect location on the beach and with the village just next to. A big pool will serve you if you do not find the amazing Indian Ocean being enough,

    Dinner, excl.drink


    Day 2: Pongwe

    Crossing Chwaka Bay in boat

    Today we bike along the coast to Michamvi ( 22 km) to catch a boat and pack bikes and ourselves to cross Chwaka Bay. Then we follow the coastline to Pongwe (13 km) and Seasons Lodge. If you want you can stop at Pingwe and take something to drink at Upendo overlooking the famous restaurant The Rock.

    Seasons Lodge is a favorite for its special location and quiet atmosphere. Mornings are amazing here so if you enjoy the morning light- get up early.

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Excl. drinks


    Day 3: Stone Town via Spice Farms

    A very green day

    This is a lush and green day! On your way to Stone Town ( 44 km) you will see how the farmers spend their days on Zanzibar. Beside rice fields, sugar cane fields and banana forests you will pass through multiple villages. On the way you stop and try what is growing and being sold alongside the road.

    One arrival to our favorite authentic Spice Farm run by a family, and one of the pioneering farms, you will do a Spice tour. You will see, smell and try until you cannot eat anymore: nutmeg, turmeric, vanilla, , lemon grass, cloves, ylang ylang, cumin, garlic, ginger, coriander, pepper, tamarind, chili, cardamom, cinnamon, oregano and many others.

    The women in the family will cook you a delicious local meal based on their home grown vegetables.
    Late afternoon you arrive to the adorable Kholle House, Stone Town. A refreshing shower before a dinner packed with experiences.

    18.00 Sunset dinner at Emerson on Hurumzi . This is one of the best roof tops in Stone Town. Lean back lazily against the cushions from Sasik while listening to the call for prayer reaching up from all over town. Be there at 18.00 to enjoy the colourful sunset over Indian Ocean and the roof tops. Dinner starts around 19.00. Drinks excluded

    Kholle House a soulful house carrying the history of Princess Kholle, daughter of the last Sultan. The house is filled with antiquities following the Spice Route to Zanzibar.

    Breakfast, lunch at the farm and dinner. Excl.drinks


    Day 4: Stone Town tour

    Meet Africa/Oman/India on the streets of Stone Town

    After breakfast in the garden of Kholle House you do a Stone Town tour to get acquainted with its remarkable history and locate the best caf├ęs, restaurants and shopping. Enjoy the atmosphere in the vivid narrow streets as you pass men shouting over bao games and women baking chapati while the kids are running around.

    Stone Town is a UNESCO world heritage site. Here Africa meets Oman and India and you can clearly see the mix of different cultures and heritages which makes Stone Town the remarkable place it is.


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