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Accommodations along the route are handpicked by us on the following criteria: location, distance per day, soulfulness, personality, reliability, midrange, sustainability.


Alcohol is freely available at the hotels but drinking it in public is an offense.


Remember that paying properly is a gift disguised in dignity. Do not bargain for small things.


We have bikes in various sizes. All bikes are of OK European standard bought 2nd hand on Zanzibar to support the community. Most bikes have bottle holders. Where possible they are equipped with racks and baskets on the steering to keep necessities such as sun block, camera etc.

Cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy follow those of the hotels.
If between 40 and 20 days before the day of arrival 50% of the total price will be charged.
If between 19 and 8 days before the day of arrival 75% of the total price will be charged.
If between 7 and 0 days before the day of arrival 100% of the total price will be charged.


The Zanzibari children are adorable however if every tourist gives a pen or a book the begging behavior is encouraged with a possible result they rather beg then go to school . If you want to give something to a school better to buy it here to support the community. If you want to contribute ask us how to do.


Zanzibar is to 98% Muslim society and you will see all women are covered up. In the village and in Stone Town women should cover their shoulders and knees. Men should wear shirts. Being topless is forbidden.
This is of course hard on the bike but we advise to at least cover shoulders (wearing a t-shirt) and not to bring the shortest shorts in your closet.
It is wise to bring scarf to be able to rap around hips or shoulders when put walking in village and town.


Inline with standards in the adventure travel industry all participants will be asked to sign a legal disclaimer.


Water ( and fruits/snacks) is included along the route. Other drinks in connection with dinner is excluded.


All food on our multi day tours are included. Most often you choose from a la carte but in high season, and wih groups, there can be buffets. Sometimes the route works better with a lunch box which we then will bring.


We have some helmets but bringing your own helmets is preferred.


All clients are required to come with their own travel Insurance for medical and evacuation.


Bring USD and change a part to Tanzanian shilling at the airport.
There are ATM machines on the airport, Stone Town, Paje ( not always working) and Nungwi
Credit Card is accepted in many places at a bank surcharge of 5 %.


Immerse yourself in the turquoise Indian Ocean but leave things as they are without touching. Imagine if everyone touches the corals or take something from the sea? All beauty would soon be gone and destroyed.
Bringing shells back home is forbidden.

Pack List

This is a list of items not supplied by Bike Zanzibar, that we recommend you organise for your tour:
Backpack, small
Cycling clothing (shorts/trousers, gloves, socks, top). Please, no revealing items of clothing to respect locals.
Footwear: Trainers/sneakers (or clip-in shoes, depending on your level of tour)
Hat (or visor to go with helmet)
Light clothes for evening wear
Mosquito repellent
Protective lip balm
Open shoes/flip flops for evenings
Sun cream
Swim wear
Water bottle(s): there will be a water bottle holder on your bike


You will take hundreds of beauty shoots of Zanzibar- immerse yourself in the fun. But ask for permission before taking pictures of people or private houses. ALso many Zanzibaris believe their soul will be captured in the picture.

Plastic and batteries

If you bring plastics or batteries etc to Zanzibar, take it with you when you leave

Release of liability

Bike Zanzibar take the safety of our guests very serious and we take extra precautions when biking on the road. You travel on your own risk. In line with standards in the adventure travel industry all participants will be asked to sign a legal disclaimer.

Room types

Room type is chosen after your need: sgl, twin, dbl. In cases when family room is preferred and available we use that.


Rather than buying from the big hotels, support the local merchants to prop up the growth and pride. When buying your drinks, fruit and snacks from the local shop you get a real experience and support the local business initiatives.


– We use hotels that are contributing to the values of Responsible Travelling.
-We use restaurants and services that are locally owned and managed
– We purchase gifts and other souvenirs from local producers
– We spread the economic benefits to as many Zanzibaris as possible
– No exploitation of children, animals and endangered species ( no school visit, no gifts to children, no dolpin tours)
– Use public transport when possible (and you gain insight in the culture too)
– Moving towards no use of single plastic

Support Vehicle

Bike Zanzibar does not send a support vehicle with you around the island. A support vehicle can be arranged for 70 usd per day


We believe that people should be able to live from the work they do- regardless of tips. “Over tipping” and spreading money around send signals of travellers having an endless money pond to dig from. The minimum monthly salary is 150 USD- app 330 000 TSH. ( app 5 usd/day) Have that in mind when you tip. Most hotels have a tip box so that the tips gets shared between all the staff- not only the ones in front of the guests.


Our transfers for up to 5 pax is done with a Toyota Noah 6 seater in most cases. For groups we use Toyota Coaster.

Travelling with children

Our day tours can be adjusted to children. Also we have two European standard child seats.
Our multiday tor Family Cycling holiday is adjusted to children from 8 years


A negative 72 hour CPR test is needed for entering. Check with us for the latest rules.
If you spent + 12 hours in a country with Yellow Fever as yellow Fever vaccination card is needed to be shown upon arrival


A Single Entry Tourist Visa is available at the Airport, Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar depending on where you enter Tanzania. The visa will be valid 90 days from the date of issue. The cost is 50 USD paid cash upon arrival. You require a national passport with a validity of at least 6 months. If you arrive via Dar the first queue is for VISA. You are supposed to have filled I both the paper you got on the airplane as well as the white A4 presented at the counters before the VISA application. The second queue is for the passport control.

If arriving to Zanzibar the VISA and the passport control is the same queue. Be prepared with your 50 USD cash.

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