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Stone Town

Stone Town

Soulful and mysterious

Stone Town – oh la la! We just love it! A mysterious and soulful place where you feel the history as you get lost in its swirling alleys. Here Africa meets the Omani empire spiced up with Indian influences. The three cultures mixed together adds tint to the historic town surrounded by the turquoise Indian Ocean.

The shopping is getting better and better and we see many interesting handcraft initiatives. We love the cushions from Sasik and the amazing oils and body butters at Mrembo Spa. But here you should just wander around and take the hours one by one. Explore the winding alleys where people live their life on display. Then you catch the breeze at Forodhani or have a home roasted coffee at Zanzibar Coffee House roof top.

Things to do in Stone Town:

Drink ginger tea at Babu Chai in Forodhani park and watch the mingle after 19.00

Sunset over the Indian Ocean at Swahili House, Emerson on Hurumzi or Forodhani Park.

Cappuccino at Foro Café or Zanzibar Coffee House

Sip a passion juice at Stone Town café and blend in with the locals/expats/tourists

Take a traditional Singo scrub at Mrembo SPA

Buy a wonderful patchwork cushion at Sasik and support the women and their children

Stray around in the alleys and look at all the wonderful carved typical Zanzibar doors.

Snorkel at Bawe Island- one of the best snorkel spots on the island

Visit the hectic Darajani Market

Buy with a classic kanga as a gift home to loved ones.

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