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The vivid place

Nungwi on the northern tip of Zanzibar was one of the fist tourist destinations on Zanzibar- this a bit more developed tourist wise. Beaches are a bit busier and there is a quite present party scene. But there is also places for quietness. Our hotel of choice, Flame Tree Cottages offers just this.

The sea in Nungwi is known to be in all the time as there is no tide to talk about about here. On the West side of Nungwi that is. At low tide the beach transforms to a playground for exercise, volley ball and other beach games.

Candle light dinners

At sunset the restaurants light up the tables on the beach with candles creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Nungwi turns from sunny day to soulful night and you can party all night long.

Nungwi is not big and most places are reached with a beach walk. There are plentiful of places to choose from to enjoy the colourful sunset. You better find your spot around 17.30 to have a nice spot and a drink in your hand when the sun starts its show. Cinnamon Bar at the Z Hotel is our favourite sunset spot with excellent sea views and good food.

Things to do in Nungwi

Sunset from Z-Hotel
Talk with artisans and take a look when the dhow boats are being built

Dine on the beach Langi Langi, Z-Hotel or Cholos bar

Just stay inside the peaceful Flame Tree Cottages and enjoy the sound of the waves

Walk all the way north to the light house and say: “I have reached Zanzibar’s northern tip”.

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