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Makunduchi village tour on bike

Makunduchi village tour on bike

Real people. Real experiences

Discover Zanzibar behind the tourist scene

Makunduchi is Zanzibar’s second biggest village. As it is vast we use the bikes to be able to cover a larger bit and explore more, but in an easy slow way. Makunduchi is a truly authentic Zanzibari / African village with all the attributes you could wish for to experience something real behind the tourist scene.

You take an open car with the bikes (or if you want to bike both ways) and start your cycling tour from the back of the village passing forest like areas with baobab – and huge mango trees. You try to lift up the water from the well and eat some fruit from the gold mango tree if ripe. Then we continue to see a beautifully built red clay hut – a very common way to build on Zanzibar.

Try exotic fruit in season

Mama Hassan is earning her living from making coconut rope. It looks easy but it is quite a handicraft – as you will notice when you try. Another thing that looks very easy is to climb up a coconut tree. Big reward if you manage! However drinking the coconut water is not difficult and it is known for its cleansing attributes.

You continue around in the village to see how life is lived here. You will meet and see people sitting talking, the children at school, the shopping at the village centre etc. With a bit of luck you come across a wedding- they are quite frequent. The “Jambo” will be many. You continue to “stroll” with your bikes to see what is going on and try different local specialties and exotic fruit in season on the way.

Price per person:

1 person: 70 usd
2 persons: 60 usd pp
4 persons: 55 usd pp


Guide, bikes, transfer with the bikes on open vehicle one way, water, fruit and snacks on the way.


10.00 – 13.30 or 15.00 – 18.30


Your hotel in Jambiani, Kizimkazi or Paje (if other place transfer has to be used)


Easy cycling on flat ground. But beware it is hot.


Camera, sun block, hat


We buy good European 2nd hand bikes on Zanzibar to support local business. They are all in fair quality bit with a harsh / (salty and humid) environment and lack of spare parts we ask for your patience.


If you want we provide


Zanzibar is 98% Muslim and it is recommended to cover shoulders and knees. For both men and women.


Water and soda can be bought along the way. Drink much – you loose lots of fluid in the heat


Bike Zanzibar discourages giving gifts/candy/money to the children as it encourages them to beg instead of pursuing their studies

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