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Amazing sunsets and fish acutions

Kizimkazi is a favourite beach as it is secluded. It is quiet yet active with its fish auction. Facing west it offers stunning sunsets and at night you can spot the lights from Dar Es Salaam.

Not much is going on here but waiting for the fisherman to land the catch of the day so the business and fish auctions can get going.

But Kizimkazi have a very strong card: our favourite boat Mimi the dhow lives here. And there are wild dolphins and even wales a few months per year when the humpback wales pass on their way up north to mate.

Things to do in Kizimkazi:

Take a walk exploring the green village

Play football with the youth in between the palm trees

Visit Zanzibar oldest mosque (you do not see much of it but anyway you can tick a box)

Hang around the fish market to see what comes in

Be amazed under the big tree with hundreds of yellow weavers

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