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Karamba Resort, Kizimkazi

Karamba Resort, Kizimkazi

An African paradise

With the sunset over the horizon from the terrace and from the pool, Karamba is as close to an African paradise as you can get. We love the forest like garden walk along the rock on which the bungalows are placed. If you are lucky you will see the monkeys jumping around. And maybe some other animals too. It is OK- we share life on this planet with them.
And then there is the ubiquitous Ocean view.

Here you live in a private bungalow with its own terrace overlooking the sea. More to it is a pool by the sea, an active beach where you can follow the village life and a stair case straight down to the Indian Ocean.

The design of the Superior bungalows is elegantly rustic in a relaxed African beach style. The spacious terrace has a sea view. It is located by the end of the plot thus more private and close to both the pool and the stair down to the sea.

Africa Family Bungalow is private with its own terrace and small garden overlooking the horizon and the sunset. Ground floor has a double bed and up the stair, in an open layout,
There are 2 single beds. The design is elegantly rustic in a relaxed African beach style.

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