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A piece of Africa, a chunk of Zanzibar

Jambiani has the great combination of both white beautiful beach and a vivid authentic village. More to it is plentiful of lazy and barefoot bars a beach walk away.

The Indian Ocean here is exceptionally turquoise and the feature of being able to swim at low tide in the river created between the sandbanks is 2nd to no place on Zanzibar.

Just a row behind the beach you find the authentic village of Jambiani. A laid back lifestyle where everything is allowed to take its time. When the children arrives back from school the village fills with colour and laughter.

There are many small shops where you can buy fruit, cakes, water and some souvenirs. A great way to support the community.

The beach is open to everyone and sunbeds only exist inside the hotel property. The ZAnzibaris use the beach for transportation, searching for clams, harvesting seaweed and play football. It is quite entertaining.

Cycling extension

Jambiani is the perfect place if you ant to extend your stay. There are many villages worth visitng around as well as excursions in case you want to explore more. Uzi Island is absolutely lovey. A full day out to Pungume island with Mimi the dhow is also something so write home about. And then some action at both Corals Rock and Red Monkey beach lodge should you be up for some music.

Explore the area

Michamvi, 25 minutes north, has a mangrove forest for walking an swimming, 2 sunset beach bars and a magic beach for long walks.

Gain insight in Dullas life on Uzi Island- only accessible at low tide or by mango canoe. Babu Ali is the name of a lovely ox that we use for transportation.

Swim in the river created between the sandbanks at low tide


Join the football game on the beach

Take a walk in the village and shop some exotic fruit and greet all happy children ( do not give them anything though. Read our recommendations).

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