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Jambiani village tour on bike

Jambiani village tour on bike

Village life, swim in spiritual cave and local lunch

Smiling kids and exotic fruit

After the bicycle fitting you start your Jambiani village tour on bike to see how the daily life is lived in a Zanzibar village. Cows, ducks, students on lunch break, mosques, women embroidering hats… All accompanied by the smiling kids greeting you. “Jambo” “Jambo” * Along the way your guide will stop and show you what is actually going on. You will also try some of the exotic fruits and local specialties being sold on the way.

Swim in Cuza sweet water cave

When reaching the North of Jambiani you cross the main road into the farming area where you find Cuza Cave. The villagers come here to pray and burn incense to call the spirits to them and influence them with prayers and sacrifices if someone is sick, if they want to change things or just get better luck. Cuza Cave is being used for spiritual activities but also it has a large swimmable sweet water reservoir.

Traditional lunch in coconut hut

After the refreshing swim you cycle back to Jambiani and visit Okalas restaurant. Okala´s grandmother taught him Zanzibar´s traditional cooking methods and he keeps the tradition alive in food courses and at his restaurant. Everything is cooked from scratch: glow-baked, hand-picked, and locally harvested. Cooked and served in the restaurant, which is traditionally built with walls and ceilings of palm leaves.

Price per person:

1 person: 80 usd
2 persons: 60 usd pp
4 persons: 50 usd pp


Guide, bikes, lunch, entrance, water, fruit and snacks on the way


Camera, sun block, hat


We buy good European 2nd hand bikes on Zanzibar to support local business. They are all in fair quality bit with a harsh / ( salty and humid) environment and lack of spare parts we ask for your patience


If you want we provide


Zanzibar is 98% Muslim and it is recommended to cover shoulders and knees. For both men and women.


Water and soda can be bought along the way. Drink much – you loose lots of fluid in the heat.


Bike Zanzibar discourages giving gifts/candy/money to the children as it encourages them to beg instead of pursuing their studies

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