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Fun Beach, Jambiani

Fun Beach

Two of Zanzibar’s biggest pool in the same place

If you come with a bigger group this might be the choice of accommodation as Fun Beach have many rooms and are flexible in terms of beds.
With Zanzibar’s biggest pools (there is actually two of them), beach view and great food we know you will be happy here. And if you get a bit energetic after your cycling day you can compete with your travel partners in the gaming room.

It has quite many rooms but because of its spaciousness it never gets crowded. And there are many places to hang around and two dining spots. Or if you prefer to eat on your lush veranda.

In the area are many other restaurants and bars to stroll to on the beach. Paje with its vivid kite scene is a mere 5 min, or a sturdy leg stretching walk, away with car.

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