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Emerson on Hurumzi, Stone Town

Emerson on Hurumzi

Historic flamboyance

This is not a hotel we usually use- but we wish we could. If you do the 10 days tour you can upgrade to this pride of Stone Town as the have a minimum 2 –days booking policy. The three rooms on the top are amazing with city and sea view. Some have open showers and all have small private balconies- perfect for a sunset drink.

The Emerson on Hurumzi building was built in the 1870s by the powerful merchant Sir Tharia Thopan. He served as a principal financial adviser to Sultan Bargash and was the head
of customs. The rooftop Tea House itself may have been designed as an observation point to control the activities of the port, which was located in the waters just in front of the nearby “House of Wonders”.

Emerson on Hurumzi presently has 10 rooms, including two suites with their own private tea houses. The location is perfect in the middle of Stone Town with easy access to shopping, cafés and the Ocean.

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