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Cycling Stone Town to Pongwe

Cycling Stone Town to Pongwe

Spice tour and sugar cane farms

Crossing from West to East or vice versa

This is a lush and green day with lots of nature and culture! The cycling tour is for you that are a used cyclist and want to see a bit more of Zanzibar. You can start in Stone Town and go to Pongwe – or turn the tour around. Up to you!

Meet up at Kholle House in the heart of Stone Town for bicycle fitting. Short biking in Stone Town to load the bikes onto a local bus (we want to avoid the hectic traffic in Zanzibar city), dala dala, that will take you to the Spice Farm area.

You will make a tour by foot at our favorite authentic family run spice farm. Lots of fruit and spices and depending on season you can see: garlic, cumin, pepper, tamarind, ginger, coriander, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ylang ylang, turmeric, lemon grass, chili, oregano and many others. Lunch will be eaten with raw material from the farm cooked by the women in the family.

After this nutritious visit you continue to Pongwe passing through Zanzibars main agricultural area. Cycling will be done through villages, sugar cane fields, rice- and bean fields where you can follow the farming life on Zanzibar. A green day in other words. If you have space for more you will stop and try local specialties on the way. Well, at least stop for drinks.

Pongwe is a traditional village known for its seaweed farms that the women take care of. It is optional to stop at our favorite lodge Seasons Lodge for diner or a snack before taking the car (a simple carry/wagon so that the bicycles can get back too) back to Stone Town (or Pongwe if you go East to West).

Price per person:

1 person: 110 usd
2 persons: 90 usd pp
4 persons: 75 usd pp


Guide, bikes, local bus tour, Spice tour with fruit tasting and lunch, car transfer back with the bikes, water, fruit and snacks on the way.


08.30 – 17.30


44 km


At Kholle house or your Stone Town or Pongwe hotel.


For avid cyclists with some kilometres in their legs.


Camera, sun block, hat


We buy good European 2nd hand bikes on Zanzibar to support local business. They are all in fair quality bit with a harsh / (salty and humid) environment and lack of spare parts we ask for your patience


If you want we provide


Zanzibar is 98% Muslim and it is recommended to cover shoulders and knees. For both men and women.


Water and soda will be bought along the way. Drink much – you lose lots of fluid in the heat


Bike Zanzibar discourages giving gifts/candy/money to the children as it encourages them to beg instead of pursuing their studies

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