About us

Promoting local initiatives

Bike Zanzibar´s way of discovering Zanzibar is not only environmentally friendly.  New friendships are made when mixing our visitors with the people of Zanzibar thus a greater understanding is achieved. We prefer, promote and choose the local alternatives and food  when possible. That means most of the money our guests spend on Zanzibar goes back to the people.


Juma LukondyaJuma-about-us
‘s only professional cyclist, Juma’s rise from poverty is a legendary tale of chance, guts and natural ability that will take your breath away. As a teenager he avidly watched far-away cycling races on a tiny box television. Each day he’d take his single-geared bike and pedaled the exact distance that he’d seen his idols cover. He could never imagine that one day he’d be competing around the world in professional races, from Europe to America to Australia. Intimately familiar with the Zanzibar’s roads on which he trains, Juma is the perfect man to help you discover the island on two wheels.

Mark-about-usMark Dieler
Mark is the director of a consulting firm that, among other things manages the Red Monkey Lodge that approaches the concept of sustainability.  Interested in environmental conservation he met Juma 6 years ago. The idea of Bike Tours developed along with their friendship into the present form.

Helen-about-usHelen Ingvarsson

Helen is a marketing expert from Sweden that always has lived an outdoor lifestyle. Thanks to her skills communication and project management skills she quickly became partner of a Zanzibari travel agency focusing on authentic experiences, lovezanzibar. lovezanzibar gives the logistic frame for the tours.

Guides and Partners

SuleiSuleiman_bike-zanzibarman Yahya
Suleiman is drilled and trained by Juma. His love for biking combined with his eager to share his paradise island makes him an appreciated guide. Suleiman is a certified guide and his endless funny stories are a guarantee that not even the toughest tracks will be hard to overcome.


Khamis_Bike-ZanzibarKhamis Shaame
First time we saw Khamis we thought: him we need to draft to Bike Zanzibar – and so we did.  Most of all his strong bike- and football legs and an engaging personality vouches for great days on the bike.


HajiHaji Haji
Haji is the one meeting you at the airport and that sees to it that your luggage is where it should be.  Also he is our man for the Makunduchi day tour. Being a trained guide with a problem solving attitude makes him our own Mr Fixer Knows It All.


Eddie Hassan
Eddie is our main guide for the Jambiani Spiritual Cave. As the swift man he is, he also supports in the bike maintenance and logistics.




Rama and Warda
When going on a day tour to Jozani/Muugoni Rama is our guide in the village. His wife Warda cooks the lunch and they both invite you to eat together in their home.