7 days bike holiday

Bike holiday all around zanzibar

Map ot 7 days tour around Zanzibar on bike This is our prime bike holiday tour all around the exotic paradise island Zanzibar . It will show you the heart of the city and the soul of the villages-off road, on road and village roads. Taste, smell and feel the essence of  Zanzibar and the friendly people.

Max distance per day: 58 km
Min distance per day:  20 km
Non scheduled days:     0
Days on bike:                   6 

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Children and bikers in Jambiani on 7 day tour around Zanzibar


Day 1 Jambiani – a piece of africa

Meet a piece of Africa in the authentic village Jambiani where you will see goats, ducks and lots of cheerful kids running around.
Dinner and overnight at Red Monkey Lodge, situated on the best beach on Zanzibar (acc.to us) with a laid back barefoot atmosphere.

Day 2 Kizimkazi dolphin swim

Today a ride to the Southern point, Kizimkazi (22 km) for Dolphin spotting. We pass the village Makunduchi with its red clay huts and banana trees showing you a bit of Africa. In Kizimkazi we take a boat hoping to swim with the wild dolphins.

Overnight at Karamba Resort, chosen for its sea view rooms, the evening atmosphere at sunset and the possibility to see more of the dolphins.

DAY 3 stone town

Today we go on road and off road to Stone Town  (total 58 km) and cross the bay to Fumba in a traditional wood boat. Stone Town is a UNESCO world heritage site and a humming mysterious place where Africa meets Oman and you can see, feel and smell the mix of different cultures and heritages.

18.00   Roof top dinner at Emerson on Hurumzi. During the 5 course dinner you will enjoy 270 degrees sea view accompanied by the calls for prayers and the tingling sound from the Shiva temple below.

Overnight at Kholle House – a personal boutique hotel filled with antiquities following the Spice Route to Zanzibar.

People biking on the beach of Zanzibar


We go to the Spice farms (20 km) where you will see, smell and try the tropical fruits and spices in season: vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, lemon grass, cloves, ylang ylang, cumin, garlic, ginger, coriander, pepper, tamarind, chili, oregano and many others. Lunch will be eaten with raw material from the farm. Dinner and overnight at Mangrove Eco Lodge  (6km) surrounded by a tropical garden.


On our way to Nungwi (53km) we stop at Mkokotoni, a small genuine fishing village where locals take the boat to Tumbatu and where you will find an authentic fruit and fish market. Dinner and overnight in Nungwi, Flame Tree Cottages. Flame Tree Cottages is a peaceful place with small villas.


Close to Pongwe (35 km) lies the Kiwengwa/Pongwe Forest – rich both in fauna and floral species. Beside the forest you will visit a sugarcane farm and pass beautiful rice fields. Seasons Lodge is our favorite for its special location and quiet atmosphere. And when you wake up you see the horizon…


At Chwaka ( 13 km) we catch a wood dhow and pack bikes and ourselves to cross Chwaka Bay. Then we follow the coastline to Jambiani (22 km). Going all around the island is celebrated with a special dinner at Red Monkey Lodge.  

Mike Smit, South Africa  February 2018 “What an absolutely wonderful trip you organised for us! The accommodation was such a treat and each place was another surprise. Suleiman was a real gem. He was a mine of information and a wonderful adviser to those shopping en route for bargains. The food was a wonderful treat! The snorkeling was also a delight even for those who are not strong swimmers and the warm water is wonderful. The bikes were quite adequate as there was no real off road to speak of and not too many hills. Getting lost in Stone Town was great fun and walking around, even at night, is just so safe”. 

Biking in Jambiani Zanzibar

Note: all hotels are subject to change depending on availability