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All vistors on Zanzibar loves the Spice Tour as they see, smell and taste the spices and fruit only seen in cans at home. So we were thinking biking in the Spice Farm area must be the ultimate way of discovering, getting not only the tour but the whole lush and green area. So deal- Suleiman and Helen went.

The lush area at the Spice Farm

We put our bikes on the roof a local bus to Kianga. After 20 min we off loaded and went to Abeid Spice farm, the pioneers in Spice Tour and still the best and most authentic. Stunning area with coconut and orange plantations.   Even though we live here and are spoiled with beauty we both enjoyed the tour. The lunch, made by the women in the family, was my best home cooked experience.

But the best was yet to come- at least for me. The tour down to Stone Town was downhill through a rainforest like area with monkeys. Only us and the monkeys. Quiet. Peaceful.

So now, welcome to do a Spice Tour on bike. It is a true pleasure and not to much bike effort needed so it works for families too.

If you want to discover the whole of Zanzibar on cycle, take a look at or 7 days bike holiday.

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Cardamom on a spice tour on bike




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