New family tour to Jambiani cave

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Discovering the enormous voodoo cave


We have heard about the huge cave in Jambiani and was thinking this will be a good tour for those who wants to do only a few hours. And it will work for families too. So off we went to discover the bush forest and farming area. Well it is not as you usually picture a farming area as it is tough work with coral rocks everywhere.  Here the villagers grow papaya and other crops- accompanied by butterflies and birds song.
 Bikingin the bush forest and farming area

We started some discovery biking in Jambiani  passing passionate football games, laughing  children and goats .We enter the forests and after a  15 min ride we reach the water well that serves  cows and farms. The water is fresh and cold.  We continue another 15 min in the quiet forest and reach the voodoo cave-it is enormous. First thing we see is five Red Colobus monkeys jumping around in the tree. They hang around for a bit so we get a good look.

Our guide Eddie takes us to enter the cave from the back entrance- we want as much mystery as possible please. When climbing down in the dark we see a light coming down in the ceiling. The cave is enormous- about  80 x 60 m. The villagers come here to pray and influence the spirits.  They burn incense to call the spirits down to ask for their support in various matters .  In the cave human bones, animal bones and kitchen utensils from 2000 BC has been found. When going back we pass through another part of the forest and stop at another cave in the coral rocks.  It used to serve the whole village with water. On our way back we bike slow and joyfully on the beach as the tide is far out.

This tour works well for a family. We have a child seat too.

Jambiani voodoo cave Bike Zanzibar

red Colobus Monkey at Jambiani cave


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