Spice Tour on bike

Spice TOur on bikE

Spice tour with lunch,  biking through Masingini Forest inhabited by Red Colobus Monkeys
Medium biking- 9.00-16.00
This bike tour is for most people. When on tricky roads we just lead the bikes a bit.

First of all – going on a Spice Tour on bike  allows for exploring more of this stunningly lush region.  Consequently it will be a day full of various experiences.

Starting at Stone Town Café 
We meet up at Stone Town Café  ( one of our favorites B& B´s and lunch places) where you will get your bikes and then start the tour through the mysterious street of this UNESCO World Heritage town. To avoid the hectic traffic around Stone Town,  we put the bikes on the roof of a local bus and after 20 min we reach the lush Spice Farm area. We bike a few km in this beautiful area full of coconuts and big trees,  before reaching the Spice Farm.

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The Spice tour
On the Zanzibar Spice Tour we will g to our favorite ad most authentic farm. You will  find tropical fruits, spices and rare species of plants. Depending on the season there is  vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, lemon grass, cloves, ylang ylang, cumin, garlic, ginger, coriander, pepper, tamarind, chili, oregano and many others. Learn about the properties and origins of each spice, and their use as medicines or in food and drink. So be sure to smell and taste everything on offer. ! 

Lunch at the farm
Before biking back, we enjoy lunch on the farm cooked by the women in the family made of raw material from their farm. Fish curry, vegetable curry, rice, fruit and chapati is usually on the menu. Cooked by  the women in Abeid´s family and probably one  of the best meals you can have on Zanzibarr.

Meet the rare Red Colobus Monkey
We take another route back passing a forest inhabited by Red Colobus Monkeys, Blue Sykes Monkeys and lots of birds. The Red Colobus Monkey is one of Africa´s rarest primates rare and only found in Zanzibar. The population on the island is 3500 and one group is living in this forest.

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Spice tour on bike- cacao

The Spice tour on bike around he Spice Farm area

Loaing of the bikes on Spice tour on bike

Luke B, New York,  September 2017 “This was a wonderful trip! The trip was well organized and the spice tour was incredible! They even were able to accommodate our vegetarian diet.”
Jonas Karlsson, February 2017 ” The spice tour was awesome, with a really funny guide, and I learned a lot about spices and fruit. On the way back we took the bikes through small villages, visited a market and biked through forest. This made the tour to something very different where we met locals and felt the varm nice wind while biking.”