Jozani Forest/Mangrove Canoe

Jozani Forest/Mangrove Canoe

Village visit, lunch at home, rainforest, Red Colobus Monkey and wood canoe in the mangrove forest. In other words: lots of discoveries are waiting
7 hours Off road and On road

After 90-120 minutes ( all day 50 km)  we reach the lush and green Jozani Forest, home for the indigenous Red Colobus Monkey who allow you to come really close exploring their tree life. We take a walk in the surrounding lush forest where also the Blue Sykes Monkey can be seen.

Village visit
20 minutes from Jozani lies Muugoni. Rama meets us to guide us through the village he loves – thus you will get a real experience of life behind the tourist scenes. While we come close to the people being at home cooking and making coconut leaf roofs, Ramas’ wife, Warda, prepares us a tasty lunch and you are invited into their home.

Mangrove forest
After lunch we go down to the mangroves. On the way Rama shares his knowledge about the fruits and medical plants. At the mangroves our captain is waiting to bring us out with his traditional wood canoe used by the fishermen. After an hour discovering the mangroves it is time to return home before it gets dark.

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Red Colobus Monkey in Jozani

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