Jambiani spiritual cave

Jambiani spiritual cave

Discovery biking in  the village and bush forest
3 hours

We start with a bike stroll through Jambiani village passing playful children, cows and small shops before we cross the road and enter the forest. The forest is low and more bush than forest but a pleasant acquaintance – especially around sunset- and you will see birds and butterflies.

Coconuts and papaya
This is the farming area for the villagers – a difficult one as it is coral rocks everywhere and they are doing their best to grow coconut, papaya and other crops. After a mere 15 min ride on the path we reach the water well being used to water cows and plants . We continue another 15 min before reaching the big voodoo cave.  If we are lucky we can spot the Red Colobus Monkeys that sometimes hang about the trees.

Burning incense by the cave








80 x 60 m cave
The cave is about 80 x 60 m. The villagers come here to pray and burn incense as they think the incense calls the spirits to them and that they can influence them with prayers and sacrifices if someone is sick, if they want to change things or just get better luck. In the cave human- and animal bones from 2000 BC has been found along with some utensils for making food. We burn some incense to get the feeling and eat some ripe and sweet fruit before going back through another part of the forest.

Going back we can either stretch on the tar road for exercise, discover more of Jambiani village or enjoy the breeze at the beach- your choice.

Bikingin the bush forest and farming area

Fabrics hanging in the Jambiani cave

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