Dolphin swim/village tour

Dolphin Swim/Village Tour

Adventure Cycling Kizimkazi and Makunduchi
Off road and On road
6-8 hours

This bike tour on the Southern part of Zanzibar explores authentic African village life and wild dolphins.We start biking some km on the tar road before entering the village area of Makunduchi.  Makunduchi is Zanzibar’s second largest village – beautiful and authentic with red soil, red clay huts and banana plantations. We pass through the village discovering the life as lived there. Furthermore we try fruits and local specialties on the way.

After a 90 minutes ride from Jambiani we arrive to Kizimkazi, a fishing village where the big fish – tuna, marlin, and red snapper arrive straight off local boats.  We order our food with Rahim, then we take a boat in the search for the dolphins that come here to rest and eat. Since dolphins are wild, all interaction is decided by the them and the boats keep a respectful distance. There is no guarantee to swim with them but in 80% of the cases the dolphins show up.

After lunch we go off-road  and pass by the deserted palm tree hotel to reach Mtende with its giant baobab tree. Then we pass through the South of Makunduchi and end at your Jambiani Hotel or at Bike Zanzibar´s store.

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Adventure Cycling Kizimkazi

Makunduchi clay hut at the Dolpihn tour by bike

The deserted hotel in Kizimkazi on a day tour on bike to dolphins

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